Product Guide for Kobelt Air Cooled Draw-Works Disc Brakes

Air Cooled Draw-Works Disc Brakes

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Kobelt was the world’s first company to pioneer air cooled disc brakes for draw-works applications. It used to be considered fast work to drop a 60 ft. drill pipe in 72 seconds. Rigs equipped with Kobelt disc brakes now drop a 60 ft. drill pipe in 35 second intervals. Kobelt’s air cooled disc brakes are designed to perform without the assistance of water spray or internal water cooling. A lever system similar to the regular brake caliper is used, but instead of using air or spring applied actuators, a maxi pot is installed (such as those typically used in trucks). This configuration allows the operator to use an emergency brake when there is no air available. It is also optimum for use locking up an inactive draw-works. Many patents have been issued to Kobelt over the years, specifically due to their relentless search for the most effective mechanical designs for draw-works disc brakes.

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