Kobelt Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing extremely high quality disc brake systems for over 35 years. Their brakes are used in some of the toughest, most demanding and harshest work environments in the world, so… they manufacture the world’s strongest and most enduring disc brakes in the industry. Kobelt disc brakes are regarded as the latest in design and engineering technology. They have gained worldwide recognition for their cost-effective performance, reliability, strength & durability. Some typical applications include: aerospace, cable spooling reels, conveyor belt systems, draw work disc brakes (land and off-shore), drill ship anchor handling, hoists, industrial equipment, logging/forestry, mining, paper industry, pipe laying barges, propeller shaft brakes, railroad equipment, sugar industry, wind generators, oil and gas industries world-wide. All Kobelt calipers are available in either fluid or spring applied configurations, and several types of brake linings are also available to conform with environmental guidelines. Whatever the requirement, Kobelt is able to meet the unique challenges of each customer by supplying powerful and enduring custom brake systems the world over.