Since 1906 Desch has represented the leading edge of power transmission manufacturing. Their clutch/brake combination units are known internatioDeschnally as the best in the business. Today, Desch products are virtually used throughout every country in the world. Their network of resources, specialized technical experience and commitment to quality and service has ensured their position and reputation in the industry for three generations. Desch clutch/brake combination units are used mainly in the metal working industry and can be found on machinery such as automatic punching machines, press brakes, shears, stamping & forming presses just to name a few. Desch’s progressive expansion and improvement programs ensure that their plants, research, technology and customer service are not only up to speed… but constantly breaking new ground in product innovation and performance.

Desch Lutex® Clutch/Brake Combinations

The Lutex® LKB is a dry single plate combined clutch/brake combination unit. It is often referred to as a CBC unit. Originally developed for use on presses and shearing machines, it is particularly suitable for applications where large inertias are to be accelerated or decelerated. The heat resistant properties of the friction surfaces enables the Lutex® CBC to achieve the high operating cycle required by presses. Its compact construction allows the CBC to be mounted in a very small between the machine frame and the flywheel. The CBC also conforms to the safety requirements of the EN 692/1995.

Desch Installation and Operating Instructions

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