Product Guide for Kobelt Caliper Disc Brakes

Die Cast Brake Calipers

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These calipers are made entirely of die cast silicone bronze with stainless steel hardware. The standard lining supplied is asbestos-free with a co-efficient of friction between 0.45 and 0.55. Patented balancing links are used to ensure even lining wear. All calipers are available with shims between the shoe and the bearing to adapt to thinner discs. Most of our actuators are of the low-pressure type. Air or hydraulic pressure can be used to either apply or release the brake. The fluid applied caliper brakes (air or hydraulic) have a maximum pressure of 100 P.S.I. The maximum pressure for a spring applied caliper brake is 250 P.S.I. To fully release a spring applied caliper brake, 140 P.S.I. is required (for models 5024 & 5207).

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Maintenance and Installation Instructions for all Kobelt Disc Brakes