Product Guide for Danfoss Airflex Multiple Disc Type Clutches & Brakes

Type SC/SB

BrakeTechnique®, Inc. Products
Torque capacities up to:
8,250 lb-in
932 N-m

Airflex magnetic clutches and brakes are stationary field, multiple disc units controlled by electromagnetic force. Units are designed to be used in an oil environment, where high speeds and high cyclic rates are encountered.

Model #: SB-400, SB-450, SB-525, SB-525, SB-750, SC-275, SC-325, SC-375, SC-550, SC-650, SC-775

Type AR/AS

BrakeTechnique®, Inc. Products
Torque capacities up to:
36,900 lb-in
4.166 N-m

Airflex hydraulic clutches are multiple-disc units available in stationary or rotating cylinder design. They are intended for use with a spray, splash or through the shaft lubricating system; where high speeds are encountered and a high torque/small envelope ratio is required. They are also suitable for air actuation.