Product Guide for Danfoss Airflex Combination Clutch/Brake Packages

Type DCB

BrakeTechnique®, Inc. Products
Clutch capacity: Brake capacity:
75,000 lb-in:55,000 lb-in
8475 N-m:6215 N-m

Airflex DCB combination air-actuated disc clutches and spring-applied disc brakes were specifically designed for the can making industry. It is ideally suited for high speed continuously running machinery requiring an extremely fast stop.

CBC Clutch/Brake Combination

BrakeTechnique®, Inc. Products
Clutch capacities to:
1,140,000 lb-in
128.799 N-m
Brake capacities to:
483,000 lb-in
54.570 N-m

The Airflex CBC unit combines an air actuated disc clutch and spring applied brake into a compact package, which can be readily adapted to new or existing flywheel drives. Designed primarily for high cyclic punch press service, the unit has been applied on a wide variety of high speed, high cyclic applications.

FSPA Clutch/Brake and Control Packages for Presses

BrakeTechnique®, Inc. Products
Clutch capacities to:
516,000 lb-in
58.260 N-m
Brake capacities to:
336,200 lb-in
37.960 N-m

Airflex FSPA packages feature drum type CB or VC air applied clutches fastened to standard bearing-mounted flywheels. These clutch/flywheel assemblies are then combined with drum type CS and CTE or disc type DBA spring-applied, air released brakes. Although designed primarily for punch press use, they have found application on all types of cyclic equipment.

AMCB Clutch and Brake Combination

BrakeTechnique®, Inc. Products
Clutch capacities to:
142,850 lb-in
16.140 N-m
Brake capacities to:
66,290 lb-in
7.490 N-m

Danfoss Airflex AMCB AccuStop® clutch and brake combinations pack a low-maintenance, high-performance punch. Featuring an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring-applied disc brake, Airflex AMCB AccuStop® units are engineered for small- to medium-tonnage, high-speed, high-cycle punch presses. They deliver high torque and low inertia in a compact design.