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Since 1906 Desch has represented the leading edge of power transmission manufacturing. Their clutch/brake combination units are known internationally as the best in the business. Today, Desch products are virtually used throughout every country in the world. Their network of resources, specialized technical experience and commitment to quality and service has ensured their position and reputation in the industry for three generations. Desch clutch/brake combination units are used mainly in the metal working industry and can be found on machinery such as automatic punching machines, press brakes, shears, stamping & forming presses just to name a few. Desch's progressive expansion and improvement programs ensure that their plants, research, technology and customer service are not only up to speed... but constantly breaking new ground in product innovation and performance.

All technical information contained herein is the sole property of its respective O.E.M. All dimensions shown within these technical documents are for reference purposes only and should not be used for actual construction purposes. All dimensions and specifications shown within these technical documents are subject to change without notification.


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  • BrakeTechnique®: Carlisle
  • BrakeTechnique®: Desch Technologies
  • BrakeTechnique®: Dellner Brakes
  • BrakeTechnique®: Eaton Airflex Authorized Rebuild Center
  • BrakeTechnique®: Formsprag
  • BrakeTechnique®: Hibbing International Friction
  • BrakeTechnique®: Industrial Clutch - The Power of Experience
  • BrakeTechnique®: Inertia Dynamics
  • BrakeTechnique®: Kobelt
  • BrakeTechnique®: Mach-III - Clutch Inc.
  • BrakeTechnique®: Magpowr
  • BrakeTechnique®: Powerflow
  • BrakeTechnique®: Ringspann
  • BrakeTechnique®: Scan-Pac
  • BrakeTechnique®: Stearns
  • BrakeTechnique®: System Components, Inc.
  • BrakeTechnique®: Tollok
  • BrakeTechnique®: Warner Electric
  • BrakeTechnique®: Wellman Products Group
  • BrakeTechnique®: WPT Power Corporation